Twelve Points for Your Business Compass (continued)

Sharing a post from my B2B CFO® partner Tony Valentino:

Make it Happen

Sometimes it can seem like there are so many people to involve, committees to cover or approvals to seek that we forget our main objective is to be efficient and make things happen. It is easy to analyze and question, but if we establish good plans, coordinate with each other and agree on our actions, when it is time to jump, we will jump.

Deal in Facts

We are constantly bombarded with information in the form of opinion, gossip, facts, innuendos, beliefs and assumptions. Almost any conclusion can be drawn by listening to the wrong information. It is only by sorting out the facts, applying the ones that are relevant to the situation and keeping an open mind that we can make intelligent, rational decisions that pertain to the matter at hand.

Respect Each Other

We are all in this together. Individuals that put personal objectives (that harm our best interests) ahead of the organizations objectives are guilty of playing politics. Like weeds, if allowed to flourish, politics will destroy everything we are trying to achieve. The true sign of a strong management team is one that develops mutual respect, realizing that the best way to achieve personal goals is by working with, not against each other.

Stay on Course

It is not uncommon to find ourselves taking two steps forward and one step back. We need to realize that progress starts slowly and builds momentum with time and patience. What is important is that we continue to get better. As long as our direction stays true and we remain committed, we will get there.

Remove the Roadblocks

There is nothing as frustrating to a good employee as wanting to do a good job but not being able to do it. In addition to helping people understand their jobs, good management remains ever aware of opportunities to make jobs easier. Rather than forming more committees and muddying the waters with minor details, we must help our employees to be effective by discovering and removing the obstacles in their way.


Organizations are truly effective when each person is given the responsibility and authority to make decisions within their area of control. By empowering people we instill a sense of pride and recognize the knowledge and experience in our own backyard. By offering to help but leaving the responsibility with our people, we encourage ownership in all our processes.


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