What’s the Owner’s role in selling a Fort Worth Business?

Ever wonder what the owner’s role is in selling the business?  Sounds straight forward, huh?  Well the owner needs to continue building the business while the sale takes place.  The Exit Planning process, done right, can take time.  The initial phase assess the potential selling price relative to the desired price.  Then programs are implemented to achieve the desired price.  Once these steps are implemented, the owner needs to continue to develop the business to avoid any decline in the sales price.  It’s not uncommon during the due diligence process of selling  that the distraction of the process leads to a decline in the profitability and the ultimate sales price.

How to overcome the distraction of due diligence?

Be sure to retain an effective Success Team™ as outlined in The Exit Strategy Handbook.  Your team needs to include an Investment Banker, Attorney, Tax Specialist, Auditor, IT Specialist, Wealth Manager, Appraiser, Insurance Advisor, Banker  and Key Employees not to mention a trusted B2B CFO® Partner who acts as the team manager.

B2B CFO® now offers Exit Planning software to assist in the planning and execution of the sales process.  If you would like a free demo or if you would like a copy of  The Exit Strategy Handbook, give me a call or send me an email.

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