When Hiring a New Attorney – Three Questions to Ask

Original content from Partner, Mark Gandy:

Over the past year, a few of my clients have hired new attorneys.  Here are three simple questions I recommend they ask during the interviewing process (the same ones I use):

1. Do you have SEC experience?  This is not a deal breaker, but business attorneys that have worked in large firms right out of college sometimes get to work on SEC-related projects.  I’ve found in the past that attorneys with SEC experience are great business thinkers.  Accordingly, I want an attorney who knows business inside and out, not just the law.  Those with an SEC background generally have an edge over their peers without such experience.

2. Do you bill by the hour?  The billable hour is idiotic.  Thankfully, there are some firms around the globe that are finally moving to value-based billing.  Think about it — are you paying for butts in seats or for results?  If I need a DPA for a business I’m buying, give me a price.

3. And that leads to a similar point.  Will the attorney have their para-legals or junior-level staff do as much of the work as possible keeping costs down?  You will not find that in smaller practices, so the question is relevant if you are on a tight budget.

Good luck on your search.

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