Why Do I Need a CFO? Interesting question for Dallas based companies.

Many business owners I meet ask me, “Why do I need a CFO?”

From their perspective, they have run their companies successfully for years.  They don’t feel they are missing anything.  After all, how can they miss something they never had?

I have to admit, our services are not for all companies.  In fact, only certain companies will benefit from our assistance.

We help owners who are frustrated because their financial professionals like their internal accountants and their CPAs only look through the rear view mirror while the owner looks forward through the windshield all alone.

We help owners who worry about driving their companies off the road as they navigate through the winding mountain curves in the fog without knowing how close they are to the edge.

We help businesses who owners are overwhelmed with interpreting financial data which keeps them from focusing on growing their business.

If any of these situations ring true for you, then I think you could benefit from a CFO.  The beauty of B2B CFO® is that you don’t have to hire a full-time person for the big bucks.  You can have access to that level of assistance on an as-needed basis.

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